Clemens, J. Christopher

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Primary Position: Professor and Chair
B. S., Astrophysics, University of Oklahoma, 1985
Ph. D., Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin, 1994
NASA Hubble Fellow, Iowa State University, 1994-1996
Sherman Fairchild Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 1996-1998
Clemens, J.C., Reid, I.N., Gizis, J.E., and O'Brien, M.S., 1998, The Lower Main Sequence and the Orbital Period Distribution of Cataclysmic Variable Stars, ApJ, 496, 352-363

Clemens, J.C., Van Kerkwijk, M.H.,and Wu, Y., 2000, Line Profile Variations of the ZZ Ceti star G29-38, M.N.R.A.S., 314, 220-228.

Clemens, J. C., Crain, J. A., and Anderson, R., 2004, The Goodman Spectrograph, Proc. S.P.I.E., Ground-based Instrumentation for Astronomy, 5492, 331-340.

Clemens, J. C., and Rosen, R. 2004, Observations of Non-radial Oscillations in Radio Pulsars, ApJ, 609, 340-353.

Clemens, J. Christopher, and Rosen, R., 2008, A Pulsational Model for the Orthogonal Polarization Modes in Radio Pulsar, ApJ, 680, 664-670.

Epps, Harland W., Cohen, Judith G., and Clemens, J. Christopher, 2010, A New Solution for the Dispersive Element in Astronomical Spectrographs, PASP, 122, 201-206.

Dunlap, B. H., Barlow, B. N., and Clemens, J. C., 2010, A New Small-amplitude Variable Hot DQ White Dwarf, ApJ Letters, 720, L159-L163.

Barlow, B. N., Dunlap, B. H., Clemens, J. C., Lynas-Gray, A. E., Ivarsen, K. M., Lacluyze, A. P., Reichart, D. E., Haislip, J. B., and Nysewander, M. C., 2010, Photometry and spectroscopy of the new sdBV CS 1246, MNRAS, 403, 324-334.
Chris Clemens' interests include Stellar Seismology, Interacting Binaries, Time-resolved photometry and spectroscopy, and Astronomical Instrumentation.
Office: Phillips 270 Telephone: 919 962 2079 Email: