We are the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Women in Physics, an organization which aims to provide resources, advice, and an encouraging social atmosphere for women in the field of physics. We welcome physics majors and all girls interested in physics!

Weekly meetings are Tuesday evenings at 6:00 PM in the SPS room (Phillips 245). For more information, please email the president at hoodc@live.unc.edu, join our Facebook group or sign-up for the ‘uncwip’ listserv on the board outside of Phillips 245!”

Women in Physics Board

Callie Hood

Physics B.S. (Astrophysics), Math B.A.
Class of 2017

Vice President
Kristy Sakano

Physics B.S. (Astrophysics), Comparative Literature minor
Class of 2018

Carolyn Liu

Biomedical Engineering (Pre-Med track), Physics minor
Class of 2018

Samantha Pagan

Physics B.S., Math minor
Class of 2019

Director of On-Campus Outreach
Chiara Salemi

Physics B.S., Math B.A., Astronomy minor
Class of 2017

Director of Off-Campus Outreach
Grace Li Haug

Biomedical Engineering, Physics minor
Class of 2018