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A group of graduate students led by associate professor Nick Law have spent the past year designing, engineering and developing a prototype for a new telescope system that will allow researchers to explore phenomena that no one has been capable of exploring before.

Nick Law’s group has been creating new technology that will help astronomers capture a more detailed and far more rapid movie of the night sky.

They have gathered together almost every day for the last year, developing and engineering a prototype for what they are calling an “Argus Array telescope system.” This is based off of the Carolina researchers created Evryscope.

“No one’s ever designed a telescope like this,” said Nick Law, the team’s principal investigator and an associate professor in physics and astronomy. “Our Evryscope system covers the northern and southern skies, but now we’re scaling up again to something that’s about a thousand times bigger than Evryscopes, able to collect far more light and go far beyond what the Evryscopes are capable of to look for things in other galaxies.”

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