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The Physics & Astronomy Department announces a series of career workshops for students! The
workshops will be appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate students at all stages of their
studies (i.e. not just for those who need a job in May!). The workshops will cover determining what
career(s) in physics/astronomy might be right for you, what qualities and skills you would bring to a job,
how to conduct informational interviews about particular career tracks, how to network (including via
LinkedIn), how to find job openings and research the companies or institutions that offer them, how to
write an effective resumé for a job, and how to participate in a successful job interview. Each workshop
will be active; participants will come away with concrete plans, reflections, lists, contacts, and the like to
be used in further stages of career development and job seeking.

Each workshop will be held in 277 Phillips Hall at 4:30 p.m. and will last for 90 minutes. While
participants are not required to commit to attending all four, each workshop will build upon the
previous one so the maximum benefit will be gained by attending all of them.
They will use materials
such as webinars, guidebooks, and profiles developed by the Careers Departments of the American
Physical Society, the American Astronomical Society, the Society of Physics Students, and the American
Institute of Physics. UNC Career Services will also assist.

To see details about the workshops and sign up to participate, go to

WORKSHOP #1 – Thursday 20 January
Career formation: What do physicists do, and what should I do?

WORKSHOP #2 – Thursday 10 February
Making connections: Informational interviews and networking

WORKSHOP #3 – Thursday 24 February
Finding a job: Researching and resumés

WORKSHOP #4 – Thursday 24 March
Getting the job: Interviewing

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