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Here is what a new member of our departmental PHYSAST-DIVERSITY Slack space sees upon joining:

Welcome to the  PHYSAST-DIVERSITY Slack space!

You have been automatically added to these channels:
#general — for the Diversity Committee to post workspace-wide announcements
#random — for anyone to share resources, events, and ideas/questions/comments that don’t belong in any existing project channel

You are encouraged to join this channel (by clicking on it):
#dei-engagement — broadening department engagement with diversity, equity, and inclusion (e.g., planning racial/social justice 101 events, working toward department-wide time for and recognition of diversity efforts, or sharing resources relevant to these efforts)

You may request to join the following channels by sending a direct message to both @Sheila Kannappan (she/her/hers) and @Jen Weinberg-Wolf (she/her/hers) with your request and some information about how you propose to contribute. NOTE: These channels are limited to participants willing to roll up their sleeves and get work done.

# allyship — raising awareness and promoting allyship (e.g., events to train allies, support mechanisms for marginalized individuals, and incentivization of allyship)

# dei-in-teaching — efforts promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching

# grad-to-undergrad — grad-to-undergrad mentoring, internal grad-to-undergrad outreach liaisons, and related efforts

# how-the-system-works — development of workshops and resources to help students learn how to get the most out of academia and their advisors

# internet — using the department website and social media to promote people, activities, and information in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion

# mentor-training — work on mentor training materials and events (all levels)

# msi-outreach — outreach to minority-serving institutions (MSIs) including historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)

# phys21 — implementation of recommendations of the Phys21 report and related activities

# statistics — diversity statistics tracking & analysis

NOTE: The Diversity Committee is also collaboratively engaged with several externally managed efforts — our department’s APS Bridge partnership, the recently re-funded CAP Boot Camp, and the new GrAM graduate peer mentoring program for example. The committee will try to maintain awareness of all internally and externally managed efforts in an effort to maximize synergy and information flow.