About Our Research

Research in computational quantum matter involves the study of the thermodynamics, structure, critical phenomena, quantum information, and non-equilibrium properties of a wide range of quantum many-body systems.
These systems are realized in ultracold atoms, condensed matter, and nuclear physics. The domain of application thus covers a wide range of physical scales. The aim is to achieve a reliable quantitative description of fundamental quantum problems cutting across different spatial dimensions that includes ground-state as well as finite-temperature, few- to many-body situations.

The focus on the computational side is in devising and validating novel non-perturbative tools, in particular aiming to effectively and efficiently overcome signal-to-noise issues in stochastic methods, borrowing ideas from multiple areas ranging from quantum chemistry to high-energy physics.

Faculty and Research Specialties

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Joaquin E. Drut

NUCLEAR THEORY (research group page)
Joaquin Drut,
Jon Engel,
Amy N. Nicholson