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In 1776, five students at the College of William & Mary founded Phi Beta Kappa as a society devoted to the pursuit of liberal education and intellectual fellowship. Phi Beta Kappa continues to honor those who achieve excellence in a broad-based exploration of the arts and sciences during their undergraduate years, counting among its members 17 U.S. Presidents, 38 U.S. Supreme Court Justices, more than 130 Nobel Laureates, noted scientists and researchers, business and civic leaders, artists and athletes. Today, electronic tablets have replaced quill pens, but freedom of inquiry and liberty of thought live through the students who accept the honor of Phi Beta Kappa membership each year. Regardless of discipline, all Phi Beta Kappa members represent superior achievement and a commitment to the curiosity and creativity essential to making the most of life’s experiences.

The following Physics and Astronomy students were proudly inducted into the Alpha of North Carolina Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa this semester.

Lauren R Behringer

Samantha Nicole Machinski

Vimaleshwar Palanivelrajan

Cade Rylan Rodgers

Emma Hildebrand Rowe

Induction into Phi Beta Kappa is just the beginning. Members in more than 50 U.S. cities may join a Phi Beta Kappa alumni association. These groups provide opportunities to participate in engaging networking events and cultural programs. Many associations are active in their communities, supporting scholarships and partnering with local charitable organizations.

Congratulations Phi Beta Kappa Inductees!


For more information:

260 students inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at UNC-Chapel Hill

260 students inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at UNC-Chapel Hill

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