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UNC Physics Colloquium – Jason Petta

November 22 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

UNC Physics Colloquium

Jason Petta, Princeton University

“Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Semiconductor Spin Qubits”

Electron spins are excellent candidates for solid state quantum computing due to their exceptionally long quantum coherence times, which is a result of weak coupling to environmental degrees of freedom. However, this isolation comes with a cost, as it is difficult to coherently couple two spins in the solid state, especially when they are separated by a large distance. Here we combine a large electric-dipole interaction with spin-orbit coupling to achieve spin-photon coupling. Vacuum Rabi splitting is observed in the cavity transmission as the Zeeman splitting of a single spin is tuned into resonance with the cavity photon. We achieve a spin-photon coupling rate as large as gs/2π = 10 MHz, which exceeds both the cavity decay rate κ/2π = 1.8 MHz and spin dephasing rate γs/2π= 2.4 MHz, firmly anchoring our system in the strong-coupling regime [1]. We next utilize spin-photon coupling to achieve a resonant spin- spin interaction between two spins that are separated by more than 4 mm [2]. Our results demonstrate that microwave-frequency photons can be used as a resource to generate long- range two-qubit gates between spatially separated spins. I will also present extensions of this work to dot-donor systems, where theory suggests that high fidelity microwave readout of a single nuclear spin state is within reach [3].

This lecture will be held remotely via Zoom:, p/w 098125


November 22
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm