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Masters Defense

Chapman 435

Title: Constraining Dark Matter Annihilation in Early Matter Dominated Era Cosmologies Using the Global 21 cm Absorption Signal   Although standard cosmology assumes that relativistic particles dominate the energy density of the Universe quickly after inflation, a variety of well-motivated … Read more

Thesis Defense

Chapman 435

“Resolving the discrepancy between theoretically predicted and experimentally measured 129Xe nuclear spin polarization”   By bringing spins out of thermal equilibrium, nuclear spin hyperpolarization techniques can enhance the nuclear magnetic resonance signal by several orders of magnitude, creating a bulk … Read more

Doctoral Defense

Phillips 200 120 E. Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, NC, United States

The Quantum Thermodynamics Computational Engine - Kaitlyn Morrell   Though studied for decades, the quantum many-body problem remains at the forefront of theoretical research, where the goal of understanding systems of numerous quantum particles is common to astro-, atomic, nuclear, … Read more


Chapman 211

“Schrödinger’s Alarming Phenomenon” Rocky Kolb The University of Chicago The big bang is a laboratory to explore the properties of particles that cannot be created in terrestrial laboratories. In addition to thermal processes, there is another source of cosmological particle production. In 1939 … Read more

Public Lecture- Rocky Kolb

Morehead Planetarium 250 E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, United States

“The Quantum and the Cosmos” Rocky Kolb The University of Chicago   The laws of the quantum rule the submicroscopic world.   But the action of quantum mechanics in the big bang world also produced the largest structures in the cosmos. … Read more

Doctoral Defense

Phillips 258

Ben Kaiser Title: Lithium Pollution of White Dwarfs and Other Secrets of MORDOR Running diagonally down the middle of the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (H-R Diagram) between the white dwarf cooling track and the lower main sequence lies a less frequently studied region … Read more

STEM + All Majors Career and Networking In-Person Fair

STEM + All Majors Career and Networking In-Person Fair To attend this fair and meet representatives from employers, register via Handshake on the University Career Services website. 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. Great Hall in the Student Union


Phillips 265 120 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

Stories of Magnetism: Some New Twists Yong P. Chen- Purdue Physics Magnetism, important in many everyday technologies, is a well-studied quantum phenomenon (in fact it is one of the best examples of many-body and correlated quantum phenomenon, which can exist … Read more

OUR Diversity in Research Panel & Symposium

murray hall G202

Join us to hear from diverse research faculty and graduate students across disciplines and identities, then celebrate the research done by undergraduates who are dedicated to furthering diversity, equity and inclusion efforts right here at UNC. Featuring the Physics Department's … Read more

Masters Defense

Phillips 277

A Characterized TESS Stellar Rotation Pipeline for Young Stellar Association Membership Analysis Jonathan Bush Studies of planetary evolution using exoplanets rely on precise age dating of the host star to place the planetary systems on an evolutionary timeline. While determining … Read more