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Phillips 277

Igor Andreoni


Phillips 277

Paul Romatschke- University of Colorado     Title: phi^4 Theory in the Large N Wonderland Abstract: In this seminar, I introduce large N techniques to solve hard problems in quantum mechanics, such as calculating the ground state energy of the … Read more


Phillips 265 120 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

Nicole Melso   All of the undiscovered gas in the universe lies in the dimmest parts of the sky, in the intergalactic medium (IGM) and circumgalactic medium (CGM) beyond galaxies. This gas emits light below the detection threshold of most … Read more


Phillips 277

Denija Crnojevic- University of Tampa   Near-Field Cosmology with wide-field surveys of resolved galaxies   The widely accepted Lambda Cold Dark Matter cosmological paradigm faces important challenges at the scales of individual galaxies, primarily linked to the implementation of baryonic … Read more

Astronomy on Tap

Fullsteam Brewery 726 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham, NC, United States

Astronomy on Tap- Fullsteam Brewery (726 Rigsbee Ave, Durham, NC 27701).   Title: Stealing the Sunlight: Your Guide to the 04/08/24 eclipse   Nick Eakes   Join Nick Eakes, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador and Astronomy Educator from Morehead Planetarium and … Read more

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Phillips 258

Nicole Melso

Thesis Defense

Phillips 277

Alan Vasquez Soto   Zoom link:   Title:  Exploring the Fast Transient Optical Sky & Developing New Technologies for the Argus Array   Abstract: Time-domain surveys like ZTF, ASAS-SN, and PanStarrs have discovered myriad phenomena, such as supernovae evolving on … Read more

Carolina Quantum Hacks

Sitterson 009

      Carolina Quantum Hacks is UNC's first quantum computing hackathon event taking place on April 6th-7th in SN/Brooks 009. Participants will have the opportunity to create quantum-related coding projects to compete for prizes, attend workshops from UNC student organizations, … Read more

UNC Science Expo

Morehead Planetarium 250 E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, United States

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, in partnership with the students and faculty at UNC, celebrate science with our community. This annual celebration of science features more than 100 hands-on activities and science demonstrations led by STEM students, researchers, and practitioners from UNC-Chapel Hill. The … Read more

Physics from the Ground Up 

Lanza's Cafe Carrboro

Physics from the Ground Up will be held on the following dates this semester:   February 13 March 19 April 9 May 14   For the uninitiated, Physics from the Ground Up is a monthly public talk series based out of Lanza's Cafe … Read more