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Astronomy on Tap

Fullsteam Brewery 726 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham, NC, United States

Astronomy on Tap- Fullsteam Brewery (726 Rigsbee Ave, Durham, NC 27701).   Our Astronomy on Tap team is partnering with James Creek Cider House and the Raleigh Astronomy Club to host a public stargazing event. The Raleigh Astronomy Club provides telescopes and helps guide … Read more


Phillips 265 120 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

Marilena Loverde- University of Washington Title: Hunting for Neutrinos and Dark Radiation with Cosmic Datasets Abstract: Neutrinos and other light particles can leave a number of imprints in the cosmic microwave background anisotropies and on maps of the large-scale structure of our Universe. These … Read more

Physics from the Ground Up

Lanza's Cafe Carrboro

Physics from the Ground Up will be held on the following dates this semester:   February 13 March 19 April 9 May 14   For the uninitiated, Physics from the Ground Up is a monthly public talk series based out of Lanza's Cafe … Read more

Thesis Proposal

Interaction of Galactic Winds and Ambient Medium: A numerical study at 2 scales   The existence of hot, x-ray and gamma-ray emitting bubbles above and below the Galactic plane and the discovery of smaller chimneys traced by radio emission have been … Read more

Astronomy on Tap

Once again, our Astronomy on Tap team is hosting a public stargazing event at James Creek Cider House (our previous one was sadly canceled). The event will take place on Saturday, June 29th from 8:30pm-9:30pm.    This event has been a fan … Read more