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Electives 2021-2022

Fall 2021

    PHYS 405 Biophysics (M. Falvo)
    PHYS 631 Mathematical Methods (L. Dolan)
    PHYS 660 Fluid Dynamics (A. Scotti)
    PHYS 701 Classical Dynamics (C. Evans)
    PHYS 721 Quantum Mechanics I (J.P. Lu)
    PHYS 822 Field Theory I (A. Nicholson)
    PHYS 871 Solid State I (D. Khveshchenko)
    ASTR 719 Observational Astronomy (N. Law)

Spring 2022

    PHYS 543 Nuclear Physics (R. Janssens)
    PHYS 632 Advanced Research Analytics (G. Basar)
    PHYS 712 Electromagnetism (R. Henning)
    PHYS 722 Quantum Mechanics II (J.P. Lu)
    PHYS 741 Statistical Mechanics (C. Evans)
    PHYS 823 Field Theory II (D. Khveshchenko)
    PHYS 824 Group Theory and Applications (L. Mersini-Houghton)
    PHYS 861 Nuclear Physics I (A. Nicholson)
    PHYS 872 Solid State II (D. Khveshchenko)
    ASTR 711 Astrophysical Radiation (F. Heitsch)
    ASTR 712 Astrophysical Dynamics (S. Kannappan)