We serve on department and campus-wide committees, organize social and academic events, and represent the graduate students of the Physics and Astronomy Department.

GSA Officer Job Descriptions (pdf)

2016-2017 Officers

President: Chris Frazer

Vice-President: Dillon Morse

Graduate Affairs: Charlie Bonfield, Casey Berger, and Ben Levy

Graduate Recruiting: Anna Reine, Ben Levy and Zach Nasipak

Prospective Student Liasons: Joule Othman and Michael Antonacci

GPSF Senator: Rohan Isaac

Outreach Coordinator: Jessie Barrick, Ward Howard, Chris Frazer, and Rohan Isaac

Social Committee: Jost McKenney, Dillon Morse and Chris Shill

Nuclear Search Committee: Chris Haufe and Joule Othman

Colloquium Help: Ward Howard

Diversity Liaison: Joule Othman

Webpage: zaf jagoo


Previous GSA Officers