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Student organizations

In addition to informal gatherings, graduate students in the Physics & Astronomy Department participate in more official university organizations. Within our own department, the Graduate Student Association organizes events such as student research talks and promotes the general welfare of our graduate student body. The GSA is always looking for enthusiastic students to get involved.

Outside the department, the university-wide Graduate and Professional Student Federation works to advocate for students across all departments and foster connection through events such as popular ice cream socials and pub crawls. Physics & Astronomy graduate students also engage with the greater UNC community by forming IM sports teams (soccer and volleyball are popular choices) and taking advantage of on-campus clubs for diverse activities ranging from boxing to philosophy.

Quotes from students

“I like being at UNC because the university is like a really large family. There is a lot of support for students in their academic careers, their home life, and their extra-curricular activities. Interdepartmental cooperation and camaraderie is definitely the rule here.” -Christina Haig, Astronomy Graduate Student