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Helpful Contacts

 Using department car  Jean Baldwin,, 919 962 7172
Inventory orders, printer help, PCard usage, facilities/housekeeping requests, social events, colloquium logistics,

faculty recruitment logistics, surplus orders

 Micah Martin,, 919 843 4815
OneCard access, department keys, syllabus submissions, textbook orders, desk copies, posting to department monitors Jacob Hurst,, 919 962 2078

Department Administration

Frank Tsui
Department Chair
270 Phillips Hall

Rosa Tamara Branca
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
339 Chapman Hall

Fabian Heitsch
Director of Graduate Studies
292 Phillips Hall

Joaquin Drut
Associate Professor
Associate Chair for Diversity and Mentoring
296 Phillips Hall

Laura Mersini-Houghton
Associate Chair of Development
264 Phillips Hall

Jennifer Weinberg-Wolf
Teaching Associate Professor
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
182 Phillips Hall

Department Manager

Beverly Loftin
Business Manager
262 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-7167

Human Resources

Simone Rosario
Human Resources Manager
274 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-4703

Research Administration and Accounting

Paige Tingen
Financial Services Manager
170 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-1177

Patina Herring
Accounting Technician
166 Phillips Hall
(919) 843-8424

Cassandra Houston
Biophysics Administrative Assistant
164 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-4057

Shannon Rossi
Accounting Technician
168 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-7169

Sarah Van Heuseun
Research Project Manager for Dr. John Wilkerson
202 Phillips Hall
(919) 843-2629

Student Services

Jacob Hurst
Academic Affairs Coordinator
280 Phillips Hall

Maggie Jensen
Graduate Affairs Coordinator
276 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-7173


Administrative Support

Jean Baldwin
Administrative Support Associate
278 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-7172

Micah Martin
Executive Assistant to the Chair
270 Phillips Hall
(919) 843-4815

Pearl Wenqiong Cheng
Media and Communication Specialist
202 Phillips Hall


Research Staff

Shane Brogan
Teaching Lab Manager
186 Phillips Hall
(919) 843-4526

Thomas Caldwell
Real-Time Data Acquisition Software Developer
152 Phillips Hall

Vladimir Kupriianov
Research Associate

Jarrett Whitworth
Holographic Optics Fabrication Scientist
128 Phillips Hall

Lin Yang
Senior Research Scientist
  332 Chapman Hall

Instrument Shop

Philip Thompson
Instrument Shop Supervisor
115 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-1183

William Harris
115 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-1183

David Norris
Specialty Trades Technician
115 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-1183

Cliff Tysor
Specialty Trades Technician
115 Phillips Hall
(919) 962-1183