Faculty members Research interests
Branca, Rosa Tamara Non-linear MR effects, MRI with hyperpolarized gases
Cecil, Gerald N. Internal dynamics of galaxies from multifrequency observations, 3D spectroscopic optical/NIR instrumentation, transition from fossil fuels
Champagne, Arthur E nuclear astrophysics, instrumentation
Churukian, Alice D. Physics Education Research, Physics Teacher Preparation
Clegg, Thomas B. Experimental Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Instrumentation, Ion Source and Accelerator Systems
Clemens, J. Christopher Physics of compact objects, stellar seismology, and planetary debris disks
Deardorff, Duane Physics Education Research, laboratory performance assessment, measurement uncertainty
Dolan, Louise A. string theory, theoretical elementary particle physics
Drut, JoaquĆ­n E. Strongly coupled many-body systems, from QCD to ultracold atoms; lattice methods; computational physics
Engel, Jonathan Nuclear theory and its applications to particle physics (neutrino physics, CP violation,dark matter) and astrophysics (nucleosythensis in supernovae and neutron-star mergers)
Erickcek, Adrienne L. Theoretical cosmology: the early Universe, dark matter, dark energy, gravitational physics
Evans, Charles R. Gravitational physics, binary black holes, numerical relativity, theoretical astrophysics, computational physics
Falvo, Michael R Cell, biopolymer and single molecule biophysics
Heckman, Jonathan High energy theoretical physics
Heitsch, Fabian Astrophysics, plasma physics, computational fluid dynamics
Henning, Reyco Experimental neutrino physics, searches for neutrinoless double-beta decay, direct dark matter detection, tests of fundamental symmetries
Hill, David
Jeglinski, Stefan Physics Education Development
Kannappan, Sheila J galaxy evolution, large-scale structure, the RESOLVE survey
Karwowski, Hugon J. Nuclear physics
Khveshchenko, Dmitri Strongly correlated Dirac/Weyl materials, applied string holography, mesoscopic phenomena, quantum information
Kleinhammes, Alfred Adsorption of gases and liquids in nanopores; dielectric behavior of nanoparticle suspension; NMR
Law, Nicholas M Exoplanets; wide-field survey telescopes; adaptive optics; time-domain astronomy
Lopez, Rene Optical materials, nanostructures, and harvest of solar energy
Lu, Jianping Physics of carbon nanotubes
McNeil, Laurie E. Optical properties of materials, including semiconductors and biological materials
Mersini-Houghton, Laura Theoretical Physics and Cosmology
Ng, Y. Jack Particle theory and quantum gravity phenomenology
O’Brien, E. Timothy
Oldenburg, Amy L. Biological and biomedical physics, coherence optics & acoustics, microrheology and diffusion, plasmonics
Qin, Lu-Chang
Reichart, Dan robotic telescopes, optical and radio; genetic algorithm-based model fitting; image processing and measurement algorithms; gamma-ray bursts; introductory astronomy education
Rohm, Ryan M.
Smith, David Physics Education Research
Superfine, Richard Physics of biology focusing on how forces are generated and sensed in living systems, from single molecules to tis
Tsui, Frank Molecular beam epitaxy; nanoscale spintronic materials
Wallace, Colin
Washburn, Sean Electrical and mechanical properties of nanostructures
Weinberg-Wolf, Jennifer Physics Education
Wilkerson, John F.
Wu, Yue Nanoconfinement and interfacial phenomena, supercooled liquids and glasses, NMR
Zhou, Otto