Carney, Bruce W.
Emeritus Faculty; Former Exec. Vice Chancellor and Provost; Dist. Professor


Office: 172 Phillips Hall
Web page:



  • Ph. D., 1978, Harvard University
  • A. M., 1971, Harvard University
  • B. A., 1969, University of California, Berkeley

Previous Positions

  • Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, 2008-2009
  • Senior Associate Dean for Sciences, 2004-2008
  • Chair, Department of Physics & Astronomy 1999-2004
  • Samuel Baron Professor, 1994 –
  • Dean Smith Professor, 1991-1994
  • Professor, 1989-
  • Associate Professor 1985-1989
  • Assistant Professor 1980-1985


My research is aimed primarily at the ages, motions, and chemical compositions of the Galaxy’s stellar
populations (the thin disk, the thick disk, and the halo). Since taking on responsibilities in senior
administration, my research has been put on hold, by and large.


Sample publications 2006-2012

Elemental Abundance Ratios is Stars of the Outer Galactic Disk. IV. A New Sample of Open

Clusters, Astron. J., 144, 95-126, 2012.

A Keck HIRES Doppler Search for Planets Orbiting Metal-poor Dwarfs. II. On the Frequency of
Giant Planets in the Metal-poor Regime, Astrophys. J., 697, 544-556, 2009.

VI Photometry of Globular Clusters NGC 6293 and NGC 6541. The Formation of the Metal-poor
Inner Halo Globular Clusters, Astron. J., 132, 2171-2186, 2007.

Chemical Composition of the Planet-harboring Star TrES-1, Astron. J., 2274-2289, 2006.

A Comparison of the Chemical Evolutionary Histories of the Galactic Thin Disk and Thick Disk
Stellar Populations, Astron., J., 131, 431-454, 2006.