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Cecil, Gerald N.


Office: 268 Phillips Hall
Web page:


  • BS, MS (theoretical heavy-ion physics) McGill University
  • PhD U. Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, Honolulu
  • Post-doctoral fellow Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
  • Project Scientist for International SOAR Telescope, NOAO Tucson
  • Professor of Astrophysics, UNC Chapel Hill


  • Observational astrophysics, design/build 3D spectroscopic instrumentation, energy systems and transition from fossil fuels
  • Our laboratory in 175 Phillips Hall currently works on
    • multi-frequency observations and ATHENA-3D hydro/MHD models of galactic feedback by AGN and star formation.
    • deployable integral field front-end for Goodman spectrograph to spectrally map compact groups of galaxies.
    • SALT Fabry-Perot and SOAR tunable filter studies of resolved stellar populations in Magellanic Clouds to test evolutionary models. Some work in the NIR to quantify AGB/RGB phase transition in unresolved populations.
    • Central participation in SAMI galaxy survey at AAT with emphasis currently on feedback processes and gas disk dynamics.


(more at astroph):

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