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Jeglinski, Stefan
Teaching Associate Professor


Office: 174 Phillips
Email: jeglin at physics dot unc dot edu
Phone: (919) 962-7171
Web page:


After receiving a BSc in Physics from Guilford College in 1979, entered the private sector in a variety of research and product development positions. Initially worked for the Dept of Energy at the MHD Energy Center at Mississippi State University and the CDIF in Butte Montana. Moved to the aerospace industry to develop the first fiber-optic instrumentation for embedded damage detection in graphite composite structures and simultaneously acquired MSc in Instrumentation Physics from the University of Utah. Switched to the development of early microelectromechanical structures for robotics under Dr Stephen Jacobsen at Utah’s Center for Engineering Design, but ultimately shifted to doctoral work in experimental condensed matter physics because the objectives were actually feasible. After finishing a PhD in Physics in 1994, joined 4pi Analysis in Durham NC and spent 17 years developing hardware and software products for imaging and x-ray microanalysis for electron microscopes. After a total of 30 years in the private sector, shifted careers in 2010 to teaching physics!


  • Elements of rocket science
  • Analog and digital circuit design
  • Instrumentation and computational physics
  • Programming on the machine, assembly, firmware, driver, and application levels
  • Rapid prototyping and manufacturing
  • Product research and development.


Co-Principle InvestigatorNIH SBIR Phase 1 R43-RR08828Pulse Pileup Recovery for EDSCo-Principle InvestigatorNIH SBIR Phase 2 R44-RR08828Pulse Pileup Recovery for EDSPrinciple InvestigatorNIH SBIR Phase 1 R43-RR12447Flexible Polymer Ultraviolet Radiation IndicatorPrinciple InvestigatorNIST SBIR Phase 1 SB1341-08-SE-0661Digital Signal Processing for 1 to 10 MHz X-ray Event StreamsPrinciple InvestigatorNIST SBIR Phase 2 SB1341-09-CN-0068Digital Signal Processing for 1 to 10 MHz X-ray Event Streams


SELECTED PUBLICATIONSJeglinski, S.A., Vardeny, Z.V., Moses, D., Srdanov,V.I., and Wudl, F. (1992)Synth. Met. 49– 50 557–563.Jeglinski, S., Vardeny, Z.V., Ding, Y., and Barton, T.J. (1994)Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 256 87– 96.Chandross, M., Mazumdar, S., Jeglinski, S., Wei, X., Vardeny, Z.V., et. al (1994)Phys. Rev. B 50 14702–14705.Jeglinski, S., Amir, O., Wei, X., Vardeny, Z.V., Shinar, J., Cerkvenik, T., et al (1995)Appl. Phys. Lett. 67 3960–3962.PATENTSUS Patent No. 6,211,524Enhanced Radiation Detectors Using Luminescent Materials