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Under the direction of Dr. Joaquin Drut, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s chapter of the Society of Physics Students has earned the designation of a Society of Physics Students Outstanding Chapter! This is the highest level of distinction given to the chapters and it is received by less than 15% of the top chapters annually, with just 103 of 829 chapters so honored this year. This award is a testament to the leadership skills and ability to foster leadership among students.

The accomplishment will be listed on the organizations website once they post this year’s awards and also will be listed in the winter issue of The SPS Observer

Some of the criteria that must be met to earn such distinction are:

  • The chapter’s involvement in local, zone and national SPS meetings and other professional meetings
  • Participation in SPS programs
  • Outreach efforts to the grades K-12 or the general public
  • Participation in community service
  • Contributions to student recruitment and retention
  • Participation in social events, and
  • Interactions with the department’s alumni



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