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The Society of Physics Students (SPS) National Office has awarded our local chapter the Outstanding Chapter Award. This is the chapter’s fifth consecutive award for excellence as a top-tier student-led physical sciences organization, a designation given to less than 10% of all SPS chapters at colleges and universities in the United States and internationally.

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a professional association designed for students, and membership is open to anyone interested in physics and related fields. SPS operates within the American Institute of Physics (AIP), an umbrella organization for professional physical science societies.

The UNC-CH SPS chapter is student-led and advised by Professor Andrew Mann. The Officers for 2021-2022 are: ​

  • President: Giovani Leone B.S. Physics, ’22
  • Vice President: Tyler Kay B.S. Physics, B.A. Philosophy, ’22
  • Treasurer: Austin Blitstein B.S. Physics, B.S. Mathematics, Chemistry Minor, ’22
  • Secretary: Ravi Pitelka B.S. Physics, B.A. Math, ’23
  • Outreach Coordinator: Megan Pramojaney B.S. Physics, Creative Writing Minor, Applied Sciences and Engineering Minor, ’23
  • Events Coordinator: Alex Stewart, B.S. Physics, B.S. Math, ’22
  • Room Manager: Paul Buttles, B.S. Physics, B.A. Math, ’22; Stephen Schmidt B.S. Astrophysics, B.A. Math, ’22

SPS chapters are evaluated on their level of interaction with the campus community, the professional physics community, the public, and with SPS national programs. The Outstanding Chapter Award honors high levels of outreach as well as innovative approaches to SPS’s mission of “helping students transform themselves into contributing members of the professional community.”

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