We are the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Visibility in Physics, an organization which aims to provide resources, advice, and an encouraging social atmosphere for underrepresented minorities and allies in the field of physics. We welcome physics majors, minors, and enthusiasts to our club!

Weekly meetings are Tuesday evenings at 5:30 PM in Phillips Hall Room 277. For more information, please email uncvisibilityinphysics@gmail.com, join our Facebook group, check out our Google Calendar, or sign-up for the ‘uncwip’ listserv on the board outside of Phillips 245!

Visibility in Physics Board


Isabella Ford

Major: Computer Science B.S. and Physics B.A.

Minor: Hispanic Studies

Year: Class of 2021

Research Interests: 2D Electrides

Email: iford@live.unc.edu

Training: SafeZone, Haven

“I am from West Palm Beach, FL, and this is my third year with ViP! I love singing, dancing, chocolate, and learning new things. I love traveling, and I had the opportunity to study abroad in Greece the summer after my freshmen year. I am excited to lead ViP this year so I can give back to an organization that has greatly helped me be successful at UNC.


Vice President

Ella Castelloe

Major: Astrophysics

Year: Class of 2021

Research Interests: Detecting small, newly forming groups of galaxies

Email: elcastel@live.unc.edu

“I’m from Asheville, NC and I love dogs, running, hiking, and dancing. I’m currently training for my first marathon, and I hope to one day visit all of the National Parks in the US! I joined ViP my first year at UNC and it has given me an amazing community that is one of my favorite parts of the major.





Rebecca Li

Major: Business Administration & Physics

Year: Class of 2020

Research Interests: Optical Spectroscopy

Email: becky516@live.unc.edu

“I’m from Cary, North Carolina. I’ve gotten really into running the last few years and am currently working toward my second half-marathon. I also really like playing guitar, singing, and painting! I joined ViP as a sophomore and it’s been a great experience and such a supportive community!



Korina Kempthorn

Major: Physics B.S and Biology B.A.

Year: Class of 2021

Research Interests: Plant Pathogens and Immunology

Email: kskye@live.unc.edu

“I am from Mooresville, North Carolina and I love painting, running and reading. I have a large interest in aquaponics and alternative agricultural techniques. I hope to one day work in sustainability. I joined ViP last year as a sophomore and am excited to help others interested in biology and physics!”


Social Chair

Schuyler Moss

Major: Physics

Minor: Math

Year: Class of 2020

Research Interests: Computational Quantum Physics; Physical Oceanography

Email: mschuym@live.unc.edu

I grew up in Enfield North Carolina. I love doing anything outdoors whether it’s hiking, running, being at the beach, or laying in my hammock. I also love dogs, the works of John Steinbeck, film photography, and live music. I joined ViP my second year at UNC, and this community has made my experience as a physics major so much better!




Director of Outreach

Madeline Hunt

Major: Geophysics B.S. and Physics B.S.

Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies

Year: Class of 2020

Research Interests: Computational geophysics; tectonophysics and near-surface geophysics

Email: madhunt@live.unc.edu

“I’m currently doing research on numerical simulations of thrust faults at accretionary wedges, and I’m interested in working on a research vessel for a year before graduate school. I like field work and learning about how geophysical data is collected, in addition to coding and actually analyzing it. In my free time, I like to draw and paint, backpack (and generally be outside), and read/watch/play anything science fiction. If you have questions about ViP, geophysics at UNC, or just want to talk, feel free to send me an email or find me in person!