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Campus Resources

Office of Undergraduate Research

If you are interested in international research or research involving a global audience, check out the funding database and other resources maintained by UNC’s Center for Global Initiatives.

For other sources of summer support, please visit the Carolina Internal Funding Database. Many of the programs listed on our Undergraduate Research Programs at UNC page also offer funding for undergraduate research.

SURF: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

SURFs are major awards (at least $3000) to enable undergraduates to engage in research, scholarship or creative performance under the guidance of faculty advisors (and possibly also graduate student mentors) for at least 9 weeks (20 hours/week) during the summer. Applications for the SURFs are considered once a year in the early spring.

Summer Award for Research-Intensive Courses

This award covers in-state tuition for one three-hour research-intensive course at UNC-Chapel Hill. The course must offer one-on-one mentorship. Such courses have a standard course number of *95 (i.e., 395, 495) and are offered in many departments already or can be added for a specific year.

Undergraduate Research Consultant Teams

URCT’s are small “strike teams” of students from multiple disciplines who execute well-defined, one semester projects guided by a faculty advisor. Students will register for a 1-credit course (IDST 195) under the supervision of the faculty advisor as part of the award. Award Amount: Awards will provide up to $5,000 per team to cover costs of conducting the project (e.g. supplies, travel, etc.), graduate research assistant support, and/or faculty adviser support.

Department Resources

Contact Beverly Loftin for more details:

Dawson Endowment

Provides support for the activities which broaden the undergraduate physics research and educational program of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, i.e. undergraduate research travel, projects, SPS projects.

MacDonald Endowment

Used to provide travel awards to physics students to attend physics meetings. The number and amount of each award shall be left to the discretion of the Chair of the Department who will make the selection based on scholarship and academic promise. Also used to offset costs associated with recruiting visits by students who have been accepted for graduate study in Physics and Astronomy.

Other Resources

NC Space Grant

NC Space Grant is a consortium of academic institutions that promote, develop and support aeronautics and space-related science, engineering and technology education and training in North Carolina. We partner with NASA, industry, nonprofit organizations and state government agencies to conduct programs designed to equip the current and future aerospace workforce of North Carolina.

Immigrants Rising

Founded in 2006, Immigrants Rising transforms individuals and fuels broader changes. With resources and support, undocumented young people are able to get an education, pursue careers, and build a brighter future for themselves and their community. The private scholarships listed here do not depend on immigration status.