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The Department of Physics and Astronomy is committed to providing resources to help ensure that every student has the best possible chance for success in their courses. Below are resources available in addition to office hours provided by each course instructor.

Physics Tutorial Center

The Physics Tutorial Center in Phillips 237 is part of the Math/Physics Help Center. This free resource is available to students in all introductory physics and astronomy courses at UNC-CH. Students are encouraged to meet with their own TA or another from the same or a similar course. A variety of times and tutor options are provided to allow students to find a match that works well for them.


Other resources

Peer Tutoring is currently available by appointment Sunday-Friday and for walk-in appointments in Dey Hall on Monday and Tuesday evenings. This program is coordinated by the UNC Learning Center, which is also a great resource for general advice about study strategies, time management, test anxiety, and other student academic concerns.

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) offers tutoring on a limited basis. Consult one of the officers in the SPS office, Phillips 245.

A list of graduate student private tutors is available from the Physics and Astronomy department office in Phillips 278. If you would like a copy of this list, please email Jacob Hurst, Academic Affairs Coordinator.


GOAL problem-solving strategy – a useful way to remember how to approach challenging problems

Helpful videos from UNC’s Learning Center

HyperPhysics – concept map with definitions and many useful hyperlinks

Khan Academy – short lessons and exercises on many topics

Minute Physics – short videos on selected physics topics

PhET simulations – a fun way to learn and explore many physics and other topics

The Presidents’ Alliance – knowledge & resources about immigration policies’ effect on college students

Test Anxiety resources (from UNC Learning Center)

Veritasium – interesting videos on physics and other subjects on YouTube

Intelligent – resources to create your own study plan