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We are Visibility in Physics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an organization that aims to provide resources, advice, and an encouraging social atmosphere for underrepresented minorities and allies in the field of physics. We welcome physics majors, minors, and enthusiasts to our club!

Our weekly meetings are Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30pm via Zoom. For more information, please email one of the presidents or, join our Facebook group, check out our Google Calendar, or sign-up for the ‘uncwip’ listserv on the board outside of Phillips 245!

Visibility in Physics Board


Xiao-Ming Porter (they/them)

Major: Physics B.S., Math B.S.

Year: Class of 2023

Research Interests: Theory, partial differential equations


“Hi y’all, I’m from Cary NC, I’m very enthusiastic about birds, I know a lot about Shakespeare, I’m learning guitar so that one day I can be in a terrible rock band that nobody likes, and I never follow recipes.


Vice President


Melissa Kissling

Major: Computer Science B.S. and Physics B.A.

Minor: Hispanic Studies

Year: Class of 2021

Research Interests: 2D Electrides


Trainings: SafeZone, Haven

“I am from West Palm Beach, FL, and this is my fourth year with ViP! I love singing, dancing, chocolate, and learning new things. Outside of ViP I am a COMP 110 UTA and the Vice President of SPS. I’m excited to lead ViP with Ella this year so I can give back to an organization which has greatly helped me be successful at UNC.




Sarah Vickers (she/her)

Major: Physics B.S. and Mathematics B.A.

Year: Class of 2024

Research Interests: Neutrino/Nuclear Physics


“Hi everybody! I’m Sarah, I’m an out-of-state student from Kentucky and I’m a current Sophomore in the Physics department. I currently do neutrino physics research with Dr. Gruszko so you can talk to me about that, but I also love running and Lord of the Rings!



Stephen Schmidt (he/him)

Major: Astrophysics B.S. and Mathematics B.S.

Year: Class of 2022

Research Interests: Young stars, exoplanets, stellar evolution and populations


“I am from Raleigh, NC, and this is my third year with ViP! I like playing tabletop RPGs and video games, cooking, and watching anime. Outside of class I have helped out as a UTA for a lot of physics stuff, so I can help with almost anything physics, astronomy, or math related. I also like Tolkien and drawing maps!


Social Chair

Nathnael Kahassai (he/him)

Major: Astrophysics B.S.

Year: Class of 2024

Research Interests: Quasars


“Hi my name is Nathnael and I am a sophomore from Kansas City, MO. I enjoy photography, especially astrophotography. I also enjoy following college and professional basketball. This is my second year in ViP I am looking forward to giving back to an organization that has given me a home at UNC.


Outreach Coordinator

Abbey Dunnigan (she/her)

Major: Astrophysics B.S.

Year: Class of 2024

Research Interests: Galaxy evolution


Hi! I’m Abbey from Greenville, NC, and this is my second year with ViP! I enjoy reading, spending time outside, and learning to make new foods. Outside of class I play the trumpet in the marching band, and I’m a UTA for ASTR 101. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!”