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"Hazy With a Chance of Star Spots: Constraining the Atmosphere of the Young Planet, K2-33b" Speaker: Pa Chia Thao Studying properties of planets across a wide range of ages will unveil the processes that govern planet's formation and evolution. Although … Continued

Pa Chia Thao TTP

Windows into Planetary Evolution:¬† the Detection and Atmospheric Characterization of Young Planets¬†   A key question in exoplanet research is to understand how planets form and change throughout their lifetime. Young planets (< 1 gigayear old) are pivotal to this … Continued

Alan Vasquez Soto TPP

Phillips 247

Title:¬†Prototyping the Argus Optical Array: A Novel Design for Next-Gen, All-Sky, Array Telescopes   In the past century, time-domain surveys have searched for events with timescales of days to minutes; however, surveys that investigate sub-second optical detections from millisecond- duration … Continued