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Masters Defense

"Hazy With a Chance of Star Spots: Constraining the Atmosphere of the Young Planet, K2-33b" Speaker: Pa Chia Thao Studying properties of planets across a wide range of ages will unveil the processes that govern planet's formation and evolution. Although … Continued


Phillips 265 120 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

Thermodynamics provides a successful theoretical framework to describe the equilibrium properties of substances and near-equilibrium processes within the linear response regime. However, our daily-life experiences, industrial processes, and almost all aspects of biology are ubiquitously far away from thermal equilibrium. First, we will briefly review the modern theory of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and stochastic thermodynamics. Then, this framework is applied to resolve a 2000-year-old myth named the Mpemba effect. This counter-intuitive effect claimed that hot water can freeze faster than cold water. Finally, inspired by the Mpemba effect, we will briefly demonstrate the non-equilibrium design principle behind life-like intelligent materials with surprising information and energy controllability.

UNC Physics Colloquium-Prof. Eleonora Di Valentino

The scenario that has been selected as the standard cosmological model
is the Lambda Cold Dark Matter (ΛCDM), which provides a remarkable fit
to the bulk of available cosmological data. However, discrepancies among
key cosmological parameters of the model have emerged with different
statistical significance. While some portion of these discrepancies may
be due to systematic errors, their persistence across probes can
indicate a failure of the canonical ΛCDM model. I will review these
tensions, showing some interesting extended cosmological scenarios that
can alleviate them.

STEM Majors Career Exploration and Experience Fair

Great Hall of Student Union Chapel Hill

This event brings together employers who want to help students (undergrad and grad) from STEM majors explore various career pathways in their industries and answer questions about what they can do with their majors and career interests. Additionally, for students who are seeking internships and summer and post-graduation jobs, these companies also are available to talk about their current openings and how you can apply.
Register via your Handshake account at the University Career Services website ( For more information contact Prof. McNeil.

Getting Started in Undergraduate Research

Learn how to enter the research community at UNC. Discover research opportunity resources, learn how to identify faculty mentors to work with, and see how the Office for Undergraduate Research can support your research efforts. The workshop will include a … Continued

Masters Presentation: Was Entropy Conserved Between BBN and Recombination?

Phillips 258

We test the assumption of entropy conservation between Big Bang nucleosynthesis (BBN) and recombination by considering a massive particle that decays into a mixture of photons and other relativistic species. We employ Planck temperature and polarization anisotropies, COBE/FIRAS spectral distortion … Continued


Phillips 265 120 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

Robert Griffin, MIT Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) has become an invaluable tool to enhance sensitivity of magic angle spinning (MAS) NMR, enabling the study of biomolecules and materials which are otherwise intractable. In this presentation we explore some new aspects … Continued