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Masters Defense

Phillips 277

A Characterized TESS Stellar Rotation Pipeline for Young Stellar Association Membership Analysis Jonathan Bush Studies of planetary evolution using exoplanets rely on precise age dating of the host star to place the planetary systems on an evolutionary timeline. While determining … Read more

Triangle Nuclear Theory Colloquium

Phillips 258

Nuclear Reactions & QCD Spectroscopy Andrew Jackura, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab It is widely accepted that all observed nuclear phenomena emerge from the strong interactions between quarks and gluons as governed by Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD). Reactions between hadrons, the bound … Read more

COSMS Colloquium

Chapman 201 205 S Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

The dark matter experiment XENONnT and first WIMP results Evidence for about 6 times more matter in the universe than normal matter is coming from cosmological observations and analyses on all scales. What this exotic dark matter is remains still … Read more

Astronomy on Tap

Astronomy on Tap Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, NC

Doctoral Defense

Phillips 277

Title: Brillouin Spectroscopy Studies of Polyacrylamide and Fmoc-FF Hydrogels to Determine the Role of Monomer and Solvent Concentrations on Longitudinal Moduli and Relaxation Processes Britta Gorman Biomimetic hydrogels are polymeric networks that contain a large amount of water. The viscoelastic … Read more


Phillips 265 120 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

Professor Jeff Andrews- University of Florida Title: It takes Two to Tango: How Binary Stars Evolve into Gravitational Wave Sources Despite the discovery of nearly a hundred merging black holes and neutron stars by gravitational wave observatories in recent years, … Read more

Master’s Defense

Phillips 277

Using the Cosmic Microwave Background to Probe the Universe's First Second   The evolution of the early universe is largely unconstrained: there is a vast gulf between the possible energy scales of inflation and the onset of Big Bang nucleosynthesis. … Read more

Doctoral Defense

Phillips 277

Stellar associations - groups of coeval, co-moving stars - are fundamental to our understanding of stellar ages and critical for the study of stellar and planetary evolution. All stellar age measurements, with the sole exception of the Sun, are based … Read more

Physics From the Ground Up

Physics From the Ground Up - our monthly talk series hosted at Lanza's Cafe aimed at presenting exciting physics research to the general public.

Doctoral Defense

Phillips 258

Modern synoptic sky surveys are typically designed to detect supernovae-like transients, using a tiling strategy to identify objects that evolve on day-to-month timescales. Astrophysical phenomena with sub-hour durations, ranging from galactic stellar flares to optical flashes accompanying gamma-ray bursts, have … Read more