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Events for January 31, 2022 – October 8 – Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy Thesis Defense – Joule Othman

UNC-CH Physics and Astronomy Thesis Defense Joule Othman Advisor: Prof. Reyco Henning “The CAGE Scanner: Investigating Surface Backgrounds in High-Purity Germanium Detectors" The neutrino is an elusive particle that has challenged our models of the universe. With the discovery of … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Quentin Brosseau

UNC Physics Colloquium Quentin Brosseau, University of Pennsylvania "A Flow and Aerosol Guide to the Orchestra" In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, live musical activities have come to a standstill to protect both musicians and the public. Among … Continued

UNC Physics Special Colloquium – Kris Pardo

Phillips 247

UNC Physics Special Colloquium Kris Pardo, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology “Cosmology with Gravitational Waves and Gravitational Waves with Cosmology Data” Gravitational waves offer us a whole new way of looking at our Universe. LIGO's observations within the … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Gökçe Başar

UNC Physics Colloquium Gökçe Başar, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "The search for the QCD critical point" The strong force binds the building blocks of protons and neutrons, quarks and gluons, together and creates most of the observed … Continued

APS Chapters @ UNC – Inaugural Interest Meeting

Phillips 277

APS Chapters @ UNC "Interest Meeting" We have officially been knighted as an APS Physics Chapter! As such, we encourage everyone to attend our Inaugural interest meeting this Wednesday (10/13) at 10 - 11 am, in Phillips 277 and on … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Amy Nicholson

Phillips 265 120 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

UNC Physics Colloquium Amy Nicholson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "The ties that bind: understanding nuclear forces from lattice QCD" There are many open questions in nuclear physics which only lattice QCD may be able to answer. One … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Mariangela Lisanti

UNC Physics Colloquium Mariangela Lisanti, Princeton University "Galactic Archaeology and the Search for Dark Matter" The Gaia mission is in the process of mapping nearly 1% of the Milky Way’s stars, nearly a billion in total. This data set is … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Nicole Yunger Halpern

UNC Physics Colloquium Nicole Yunger Halpern, NIST, QuICS, University of Maryland "Quantum steampunk: Quantum information meets thermodynamics" Thermodynamics has shed light on engines, efficiency, and time’s arrow since the Industrial Revolution. But the steam engines that powered the Industrial Revolution … Continued

Careers in Data Science Panel


UNC-CH Physics and Astronomy Diversity Committee Jeff Cohen, B.S. 2010, Division Manager, BDI Bridge Wendy Cheng, B.A. 2017, Data Scientist, Walgreens Boots Alliance Drew McCallister, Ph.D. 2019, Data Scientist, Affiniti Sean Macmullin, Ph.D. 2012, Director of Data Analytics, Picarro David … Continued

Physics and Astronomy Defense – Evan Ney

Phillips 277

UNC-CH Physics and Astronomy Defense Evan Ney “Towards a complete theory of beta decay in density functional theory" The origin of the heavy elements through the rapid neutron capture process (r-process) remains an active area of theoretical and experimental research. … Continued