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Physics and Astronomy Thesis Proposal Presentation – Nathan Galliher

UNC-CH Physics and Astronomy Thesis Proposal Presentation Nathan Galliher “The Argus Array & ArgusSpec: Deep, High-Cadence, All-Sky Transient Followup" Traditional telescopes, which have limited fields of view and survey the sky over long timescales, are successful at finding large numbers … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Gleb Finkelstein

Phillips 265 120 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

UNC Physics Colloquium Gleb Finkelstein, Duke University "Graphene-based superconducting quantum Hall devices" Superconductivity and the quantum Hall effect are some of the most studied phenomena in condensed matter physics. The more familiar of these phenomena – the superconductivity – results … Continued

University Research Week – Hettleman Talks

University Research Week - Hettleman Talks Nicholas Law, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy "The Entire Sky Every Second: UNC's New High-Speed Telescopes" Alice Marwick, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication "Morally-Motivated Networked Harassment as Normative … Continued

Physics and Astronomy Master’s Defense – Taylor Stevenson

UNC-CH Physics and Astronomy Master's Defense Taylor Stevenson "Evolution of kilonova ejecta: multifluid gas-kinetic schemes for extreme flow conditions" The origin of the r-process elements—some of the heaviest metals in our universe, which compose our physical reality—is still unknown. Over … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Jun Ye

UNC Physics Colloquium Jun Ye, JILA, National Institute of Standards and Technology, University of Colorado, Boulder "Clock, quantum matter, and fundamental physics" Precise control of quantum states of matter and innovative laser technology are revolutionizing the performance of atomic clocks … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Jason Petta

UNC Physics Colloquium Jason Petta, Princeton University "Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Semiconductor Spin Qubits" Electron spins are excellent candidates for solid state quantum computing due to their exceptionally long quantum coherence times, which is a result of weak coupling to … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Siyi Xu

UNC Physics Colloquium Siyi Xu, Gemini Observatory, Northern Operations Center, Hawaii "Planetesimals and Planets around White Dwarfs" Recent studies from both observations and theories show that planetary systems can be present and active around white dwarfs. In the first part … Continued

Special CoSMS Colloquium – David Dean

The Future of High Performance Quantum Computing Dr. David Dean Director of the Quantum Science Center ( at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Zoom link:

Career Workshop for Students

Phillips 277

WORKSHOP #1 Career formation : What do physicists do, and what should I do? In this workshop, we will cover the landscape of physics and astronomy employment, including employment sectors, types of jobs within an employment sector, skills needed for … Continued

UNC Physics Colloquium – Chong Zu

UNC Physics Colloquium Chong Zu, Washington University "Emergent hydrodynamics in a strongly interacting dipolar spin ensemble in diamond." Abstract Conventional wisdom holds that macroscopic classical phenomena naturally emerge from microscopic quantum laws. However, building direct connections between these two descriptions … Continued