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Dan Reichart receives Emmons Award!

July 2, 2024

Congratulations to Dan Reichart on receiving the Emmons Award from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, for “demonstrating outstanding achievement in the teaching of college-level introductory astronomy for non-majors”. More info here.

Congratulations to Zack Hall!

May 1, 2024

Zack is the recipient of a National Science Foundation Mathematical and Physical Sciences Ascending Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, to carry out research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The fellowship supports postdoctoral fellows performing impactful research in MPS fields while broadening the … Read more

Graduate student Joseph Moscoso and Professor Amy Nicholson have recently published a paper in Physical Review Letters and Physical Review D, both being selected as editors’ suggestion

February 12, 2024

The paper “Two-Pole Nature of the Λ(1405) Resonance from Lattice QCD” published by the Baryon Scattering (BaSc) collaboration was recently accepted as editors’ suggestion in the Physical Review Letters.  The accompanying paper “Lattice QCD study of πΣ−KN scattering and the … Read more

Rodriguez awarded Warner prize from American Astronomical Society

January 11, 2024

  Carl Rodriguez, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, has been awarded the 2024 Helen B. Warner Prize from the American Astronomical Society. AAS recently announced its 2024 prizes for outstanding achievements in research and education at its 243rd meeting in New Orleans. … Read more

James Dobbins receives Lifetime Achievement Award

December 1, 2023

James T. Dobbins III, PhD, FAAPM, FSPIE, BSPHYS ’78 (UNC-CH), received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023 from the Society of Directors of Academic Medical Physics Programs, Inc (SDAMPP). Dobbins, now retired, spent his entire 37-year career on the faculty … Read more