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  • Ben Levy Awarded the Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

      Our department’s own Ben Levy, a 6th year graduate student in Professor Amy Oldenburg’s Coherence Imaging Laboratory, has been awarded the Tanner Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching by graduate teaching assistants. Ben teaches PHYS 281: Experimental Techniques in … Continued

  • The Invisible Chase

    Just over 100 years ago, physicists stumbled upon an elementary particle that could answer questions about the origin of the universe. Elusive and almost nonexistent, neutrinos may be the solution to understanding everything from the Big Bang to the inner … Continued

  • NASA’s 2021 ExoExplorers

    Astronomy Graduate Student Amy Glazier has been selected for the inaugural cohort of NASA’s Exoplanet Explorers program. One of ten early-career scientists selected nationally for the program, Amy will join the NASA ExoExplorers team, present her research to the exoplanet … Continued

  • Can white dwarfs help solve the cosmological lithium problem?

    UNC Chapel Hill explores new method for measuring galactic evolution of lithium.   In a new Report led by UNC graduate student Ben Kaiser and published in the journal Science, astrophysicists and astronomers from UNC, the University of Montreal, and Los Alamos National Lab … Continued

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