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Co Presidents:


The Co-President position involves shared responsibilities, including serving as a liaison between graduate students and the DP&A Chair, managing the yearly budget, organizing departmental town halls, and coordinating with the GPSG DP&A senator, as well as reviewing and obtaining approval for the PGSA Constitution at the beginning of the academic year.

Jo Moscoso:

David Stilwell:

Graduate Student Affairs Committee:


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The Graduate Affairs Committee’s role is to organize committee meetings, collect and disseminate meeting materials, and ensure committee representation at the departmental town hall.

Sebastian Atalla:
Taylor Robinson:

Duncan Maclean:

Diversity Committee:


The Diversity Chair (DC) position involves attending DP&A diversity committee meetings, assisting with scheduling, collecting and disseminating meeting materials, and advertising opportunities to graduate students.

Michelle Lee:

Astronomy on Tap:


The Astronomy-on-Tap (AoT) Organizer position involves coordinating AoT events, recruiting speakers from the Research Triangle area and DP&A department, securing a venue, and hosting AoT. Additionally, the role includes advertising volunteer opportunities and events through relevant channels, potentially in collaboration with the Media Chair (MC).


Alex Sobotka:

Nathaniel Berry:

Michelle Lee:

Mae Dubay:

Outreach Committee:


The Outreach Committe’s responsibilities involves organizing community and scientific outreach programs and events, advertising opportunities to graduate students, and attending DP&A outreach committee meetings, contributing to scheduling when required.

Reilly Millburn:

Sophia Kressy:

Media Chair:


The Media Chair (MC) position involves serving on the Website Committee, acting as a liaison with the DP&A Media and Communication Specialist, maintaining the GPSA webpage, and assisting with departmental social media to communicate graduate student committee needs and highlight accomplishments.

Nada Abu Khalaf:

Community Chair:


The Community Chair (CC) position entails planning and promoting graduate student events, communicating external events, advocating for community engagement initiatives, and documenting PGSA-hosted events.

Lawrence Machia:

Visit Weekend Committee:


The Visit Weekend Organizer (VWO) role entails coordinating prospective graduate student visits with the Director of Graduate Studies and advertising interaction opportunities for current students through relevant channels, possibly in collaboration with the Media Chair (MC).

Michelle Lee:

Taylor Robinson:


Nathaniel Berry:

WiP Leadership:


The Women-in-Physics Chair (WiPC) position involves creating events to connect women and gender-minority graduate students, aligning with the PGSA Mission Statement, and advertising these events through relevant communication channels, potentially collaborating with other officer positions, student groups, or departments at UNC CH.

Lupe Duran:

APS Chair:


The APS Chapter Chair (APS-C) position includes creating events aligned with the PGSA Mission Statement, representing the UNC Chapter at the annual APS Leadership meeting in Washington D.C., and submitting the required APS Chapter annual report.

David Stilwell:

APS Vice Chair:


The APS Chapter Vice Chair (APS-VC) role includes assisting the chair in organizing events, acting as a standing chair when needed, submitting the APS Chapter annual report, and collaborating on event advertising with relevant officers and the Media Chair (MC).

Nathaniel Berry:

APS Treasurer:


The APS Chapter Secretary-Treasurer (APS-ST) position involves assisting the chair in organizing events aligned with the PGSA and APS Chapters Program mission statements, maintaining meeting minutes and attendance records, managing Chapter finances, keeping track of current graduate student APS members, advertising events in collaboration with relevant officers, and communicating events to the Applied Physical Sciences department at UNC CH.

Sophia Kressy: