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While the position of Academic Affairs Coordinator is vacant, the position’s responsibilities have been split up amongst other department members to ensure smooth continuation of services. Starting 12/1/2021, please contact the listed people for assistance with the following:

 Course registration: PHYS 114  Shane Brogan,, 919 843 4526
 Course registration: PHYS 115  Duane Deardorff,
 Course registration: PHYS 118  Stefan Jeglinski,
 Course registration: PHYS 119  Jennifer Weinberg-Wolf,
 Course registration: all other courses  Jon Engel,, 919-962-2619
 Independent study registration: PHYS 295, 395, 691H, 692H
 Room reservations (conference rooms or classrooms), semester schedule inquiries, graduate student tutors, final grade changes  Maggie Jensen,, 919 962 7173
 Website, events calendar, Twitter account  Joaquín Drut,
 Department keys, using department car  Jean Baldwin,, 919 962 7172
 Inventory orders, assistance with printers, PCard usage, facilities/housekeeping requests, OneCard access  Beverly Loftin,, 919 962 7167
 Syllabus submissions, textbook orders, desk copies, + surplus orders  Shane Brogan,, 919 843 4526
 Confidential recycling  Cassandra Houston,, 919 962 4067
 Colloquium logistics  Patina Herring,, 919 843 8424
 Faculty recruitment logistics  Shannon Rossi,, 919 962 7169
 Posting to department TVs  Gina Elmore,


Is what you’re looking for not listed here? Contact Department Manager Beverly Loftin,, 919 962 7167.