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University of North Carolina Physics and Astronomy Professor Christian Iliadis’s acclaimed textbook, “Nuclear Physics of Stars,” has been published in Chinese by Tsinghua University Press Limited. This follows the global success of the second English edition, which was published by Wiley-VCH in 2015.

“Nuclear Physics of Stars” is an authoritative academic text that occupies a unique niche. It is the only nuclear astrophysics textbook in print and holds the distinction of being the only one to ever go to a second edition. This milestone acknowledges its sustained importance in the international scientific community.

Designed to educate and inform, the textbook has been employed across the globe, primarily to train graduate students in the specialized fields of nuclear physics and astrophysics. It presents comprehensive, detailed coverage of the subject, making it an invaluable resource for aspiring scholars in these areas.

The publication of the Chinese edition by Tsinghua University Press Limited marks an exciting development, as it will greatly facilitate the book’s accessibility and reach within Chinese-speaking academic circles. This will extend the textbook’s impact further, fostering a deeper understanding of nuclear physics of stars among a broader student and professional audience.

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