Karwowski, Hugon J.


Office: 186 Phillips
Email: khugon@physics.unc.edu
Phone: (919) 962-7206
Web page:


B.S. and M.Sc. in Physics, Warsaw U., 1972

Ph.D, Institute of Nuclear Research, Swierk, Poland,  1980

Post-doctoral studies, Indiana U., 1981- 1984


Current research interests include photofission, few-body physics, neutrinos and applied nuclear physics.


Selected recent publications:
1. “Study of electron anti-neutrinos associated with gamma-ray bursts using KamLAND”, KamLAND Collaboration (K. Asakura et al.) Astrophysical J.
806, 87 (2015).
2. “Measurement of the doubly polarized 3He(γ,n)pp reaction and its implications for GDH sum rule” G. Laskaris et al., Phys. Lett. B750, 547 (2015)
3. “Search for double-beta decay of 136Xe to excited states of 136Ba with the KamLAND-Zen experiment” KamLAND Collaboration (K. Asakura et al.) Nucl. Phys. A946,171 (2016).
4. “KamLAND Sensitivity to Neutrinos from Pre-Supernova Stars” “, KamLAND Collaboration (K. Asakura et al.) Astrophysical J. 818 (2015).
5. “Search for the proton decay mode p→ν¯K+ with KamLAND” KamLAND Collaboration (K. Asakura et al.) Phys. Rev. D92 052006 (2015).
6. “Polarization asymmetries in the 9Be(γ,n0) reaction” J. M. Mueller et al. Phys. Rev. C92, 034604 (2015).
7. “Demonstration of a transmission nuclear resonance fluorescence measurement for a realistic radioactive waste canister scenario” C.T. Angell et al. Nucl. Instr. Meth. B347,11 (2015).
8. “Validating resonance properties using nuclear resonance fluorescence”,
C.T. Angell et al. Phys.Rev. C90, 054315, (2014).
9. “Spin-dependent cross-sections from the three-body photodisintegration of 3He”, G.Laskaris et al.,Phys. Rev. C89, 024002 (2014).
10. “Prompt neutron polarization asymmetries in photofission of 232Th, 233,235,238U, 237Np and 239,240Pu”, J.M.Mueller et al. Phys. Rev. C89, 034615 (2014).
11. “Cross section measurements of the 10B(p,γ)11C reaction between 2.0 and 6.0 MeV”, A. Kafkarkou et al. Phys. Rev. C89, 014601 (2014).
12. “Exploring the multi-humped fission barrier of 238U via sub-barrier photofission”, . L. Csige et al. Phys. Rev.C87, 044321 (2013).