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Major, minor, options

We offer two majors and a minor with various options:

B.S. Major in Physics and Astronomy

A standard Physics track or an Astrophysics track can be chosen. See the course catalog for full information. For students admitted before Fall 2015, course requirements are listed here.

B.A. Major in Physics and Astronomy
Study specializations include: Standard track, Astronomy, Computational Physics, Energy, Medical and Biological Physics, and Quantitative Finance. See the course catalog for full requirements.

We also offer a minor with two options:

Physics Minor
Astronomy Minor

Contact Information

Prof. Tamara Branca is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the department. She can be reached at

Jhon Cimmino is the department’s Academic Affairs Coordinator, and provides student services assistance for undergraduates. He can be reached at 919.962.2078 or

If you are already a UNC student and a Physics major within the department, you may contact your advisor with questions:

Physics Advisors Fall 2021 – Spring 2022

For Students with last names or majors:

A – G

H – I, BS Astrophysics, BA Astronomy, Astronomy minors

J – P

Q – Z, BA Quantitative Finance

Frequently Asked Questions for Incoming and Current Students

Can I get credit from AP exams?
Not for major/minor requirements (see AP credit page for UNC credit awarded), but this is possible by taking our placement exams.

How do I join the honors program?
If you wish to enter the honors program, you should consult with the departmental coordinator for the program no later than the preregistration period in the spring semester of your junior year.

What is the Interdisciplinary Studies Major?
This is a B.A. major for students who wish to develop a major outside those offered by the departments and curricula in the College of Arts and Sciences. The major consists of eight courses, chosen from at least three departments. Typical choices for physics courses include PHYS118, PHYS119, PHYS281L, and PHYS331. More information can be found at

What if I can’t finish my degree in four years?
Discuss this with your physics advisor ASAP. Options may exist to help you (B.A. vs. B.S., petitioning for a 9th semester, APS Bridge Programs for under-represented students, etc.)

What if I’m transferring from another university?
Please consult the standard requirements above, along with your Tar Heel Tracker and academic worksheet. Information about your transfer credit can be found here. Consult your academic advisor to ensure that you’re on the right track. We’re here to help you succeed!

How do I become more involved in the department?
There are many ways that you can integrate into department life. Attending weekly colloquia, participating in department research, and joining student organizations such as the Society of Physics Students or Women in Physics are all great ways to get involved.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?
Prof. Frank Tsui is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and is a great point of contact. Jhon Cimmino, our Academic Affairs Coordinator, can also assist in pointing you in the right direction. If you are already a department major and have an assigned Physics advisor, please contact them with your questions.